Spring indoors

I stay at home now like many others in the world. Of course, I miss spring outdoors but try to be philosophical, exercise patience. Guess who is great patience coach? Yes, plants!😄 It makes me think of a story.

One year I’ve bought “green valentine” in IKEA on sale in March. The single leaf of Hoya kerrii was already beginning to yellow. I repoted it, put on a sunny shelf and started to water fairly regularly. After several weeks nothing happened. After several months nothing happened. After a year nothing happened… Let me clarify something here.

Normally hoyas don’t propagate by leaf cuttings. Hoya’s cutting needs to contain at least some portion of the node in order to develop a full-fledged plant. Otherwise, you get just a leaf with roots. Sometimes it is called blind cutting.

I hadn’t known then if this particular cutting was blind or not but I liked it anyway and continued to look after it. And I was lucky – after 3 or 4 years first shoot emerged. Long time, right?😅 3 more years and last spring my Hoya kerrii bloomed for the first time. I was overjoyed by the fact itself. But it turns out that also its flowers look fabulous and, what i appreciate the most, smell marvelous. What a great reward for patience!

Flowers of Hoya kerrii
Flowers of Hoya kerrii

Recently I found flower buds on my Hoya kerrii. I’m looking forward to see and smell this wonderful bloom again. After all, spring indoors is exciting too.

Mature Hoya kerrii is ready to bloom
Hoya kerrii is ready to bloom
Flower buds of Hoya kerrii
Flower buds of Hoya kerrii
Flower buds of Hoya kerrii
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