Growth rate

2 months ago I created a post about my 3 new plants. Look at them now! Episcia has grown tremendously since then: a lot of new leaves and runners. 

Episcia growth

Ficus keeps up with episcia: it has developed root system from scratch and has started to develop a nice crown.

Ficus growth

But have a look at photos of beaucarnea and spot the difference 😀 I think it’s leaves have grown a little bit longer and one new leave has emerged – that is it. 

Beaucarnea growth

There are plenty of factors that influence a growth rate, but such a difference among these 3 plants is caused by their difference in life strategies. Just accept it and enjoy! It also applies to people. So, for example, if you are more of “episcia” type of person, don’t rush “beaucarneas” – they just have alternative life strategy 😉

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