Spider plant watering tip

Chlorophytum comosum has a reasonable reputation of easy-care houseplant. It can tolerate many things to some extend. So people often use it to green places that has unacceptable conditions for most plants. Archetypical image in my home-country, Russia: spider plant on the top of a fridge 🙂 And actually, it could even thrive with proper watering despite of low light or high temperatures.

Regularly I check soil moisture visually, by touch or pot’s weight. It is problematic if the plant is located somewhere high that is often true for chlorophitum. So here is my useful observation: when the soil is dry spider plant’s leaves take on a white tint. Compare these two photos of the same plant – thristy and watered. Pictures were taken in different light conditions but I think you can get what I mean by “white tint”. Note that on the first picture the plant is really dehydrated for illustration purpose. Usually I don’t carry situation to such extreme – just water when notice slight colour change. 

Thristy chlorophitum
Thristy chlorophitum
Watered chlorophitum
Watered chlorophitum

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