Fall garden plans fell flat

The outdoor growing season is nearly ended. So I decided to go to my parent’s village for a couple of days to finish some garden jobs. Spoiler – I haven’t finished it. 

My parents are building a new house this year and some things don’t go according to the plan. Of course, firstly, deadlines. I don’t know how much you should pay to constructors in Russia to have things done according to the initial schedule. For example, exterior decoration was supposed to end in the middle of October but now it is still in progress. So we made only part of the planting near the doorstep that will be not trampled by workers. I made a plan for this front border month ago, so my parents can place other plants without me later.

Another unpleasant thing is that construction affected wild community in an unplanned way. I wish one day I will make a garden of native species only, but for this one I was planning to place non-native plants in the garden while keeping part of the origin flora. Initial idea was to keep most part of meadow around the house as intact as possible. My mother is in love with its natural changes through the year.

The meadow in the beggining of April

But one housebuilder’s mistake and instead of this precious beauty we have evenly compacted soil… What is done cannot be undone. Hopefully, nature will recoup and the field will recover after several years. My father decided to break compacted soil with country tractor to help this process. Wild meadow and proposed perennial borders are now superseded by disaster in a form of lumps of soil. 

The meadow and perennial borders right now

Also, I wanted to plant tulips and daffodils in the ground, but because of all stuff that I mentioned earlier, we are forced to put most bulbs into pots this year. Haven’t done it yet – need to buy pots.

Despite of all above failures, the trip to the village was not meaningless. The reason is gorgeous November. It comforted me. After all, what does plant do if something disturb its growth (strong wind or frost or whatever)? Keep growing 🙂

Country road


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