Newcomers: Beaucarnea, Episcia a​nd Ficus

Yesterday 3 new plants arrived to my apartment. I’ve never grown these species before and I’m exited to get to know their characters.

First one is Beaucarnea recurvata. I’m curious to observe caudex development. As you can guess, ponytail palm is not fast-growing – patience is required. The plant came already newly repotted. I haven’t watered it yet, so I didn’t get a chance to check how much water the soil absorbs. But it looks like well-draining. Also, I assume that a woman who did the repotting is skillful grower and know that beaucarnea needs light soil. If the soil is fine, watering schedule is simple – dry out between good soaks. Rooms in my apartment are either almost south-facing or almost west-facing. Most plants love “plenty of indirect sun“. Add to this pretty sunny climate of my city and you get that south-facing windowsills have many more vacant places than west-facing ones. I hope that beaucarnea can deal with exposure to direct sunlight and thrive. Could it be that my south-facing windowsill receives more harsh sunlight that outdoors in Eastern Mexico? 🙂

Beaucarnea recurvata
Beaucarnea recurvata

Second plant is Episcia ‘Thad’s Cheetah’. It has marvelous foliage. Episcia is a membe​r ​of Gesneriaceae family. Currently, I take care of 3 other members of the family: Saintpaulia, Streptocarpus and Achimenescultivars. Quick google research shows that basically I can start with the same treatment as for saintpaulia. I’ll observe my episcia and adjust conditions if needed. ​
By the way, if you care that Saintpaulia is actually Streptocarpussubgenus Streptocarellasect. Saintpaulia, check out– up-to-date interactive phylogenetic tree. So much fun to explore if you are taxonomy geek!
Third plant is Ficus benjamina Golden Monique’. I don’t know how it happened that I never have one of the most popular houseplant while I really love its appearance. In my defense, I have been having several generations of Ficus elasticafrom my childhood. 🙂 Anyway, now my first weeping fig in a form of cutting is rooting. I receive it in the soil already and now it does its best in a personal greenhouse (just zip lock bag). Fingers crossed.

Episcia 'Thad's Cheetah'
Episcia ‘Thad’s Cheetah’
Ficus benjamina 'Golden Monique'
Ficus benjamina ‘Golden
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